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What became known as Edo College opened on the 10th of February 1937 as Benin Middle school with total enrolment of 76 students into classes 1 and 2 at Government (primary) school Benin City as temporary site.

The opening of the school was a dream come true and the credit goes to His Majesty Oba Eweka II, Oba of Benin (1914-1933) whose vision it was, to have a secondary school established in his domain. His zeal and doggedness paid off during the reign of his son, Oba Akenzua II, Oba of Benin (1933-1978).

In anticipation of the colonial government's approval, (it is no secret that the colonial Administration did not encourage western education in Benin, for reasons best known to them) construction began at the (then) permanent site in Iyaro in 1936. On the 5th of April 1937 the school moved into the permanent site with 18 boarders and 56 day students. The boarding house was named Eweka house, named after the Oba Ewaka II in appreciation of his role as one of the founding fathers of the college. At a very colorful ceremony held on the 7th of September 1937, the school was formally opened by His Honour, W.E. Hunt, Esq the Chief Commissioner of Southern provinces of Nigeria.

The school was founded and nourished on very solid academic and moral foundation, laid by the pioneer tutors under the headship of Mr. Benjamin David Coker, a Seirra Leonian as principal from 1937-1942. One of the pioneer tutors, Mr. P.N.C Molokwu, a strict disciplinarian, took over from Mr. Coker and was principal from 1942-1947.

There is no gainsaying the fact that the college has been blessed with good principals. From 1937 till date, the college has had 21 of them, some of them expatriates. The first of the expatriates was the famous Mr. V.B.N Powell. Though his tenure was very brief (1947-1948), he left behind very remarkable legacies. He also introduced the British system of education. The government formally took over the college in 1948. The current principal is Deacon Godwin I.O. Osawomwan, a strict disciplinarian and a seasoned administrator, who is working assiduously to reposition the school.

To all intents and purposes, Edo College is a success story and a dream fulfilled far beyond imagination of the founding fathers. This is because the school bore very good fruits from its inception. Among those admitted in 1937 were Hon. Justice Andrews Otutu Obaseki, a retired Justice of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, Chief All Ozigbo, Late Emmanuel Eribo, Nigeria's foremostindustrialist and late prof T. bello Osagie world renowned gyneacologist. The second set   admitted in 1958 included His Majesty, Oba Orediawe, Oba of Benin.

According to the college Anthem , composed by an old Boy, Mr. Micheal Igbinosa (1945 set), the college has "brought forth offering of sterling stuff, instilled at last in them is the sense of service devotion to our God, the nation too has tested your greatness". These aptly describe the contribution of old students of Edo College in nation building and service to humanity. These old students, most of them are listed in "who is who in the world".

There is also the young generation of old boys, some of whose names are "brand names" in their chosen careers and professions. The pack includes Engr. Amen Aghedo, Air Marshal Paul Dike, Chief of Staff, Nigerian Air Force, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Rev Chris Okotie and host of others.

In January 1975, the college moved into the present site, into a state of the art building erected. The structures which remain the envy of universities were allowed to rot away due to the neglect of successive state government administrations. The old boys agonized over this for several years, to the extent that they initiated a move to establish a "new" Edo College on a brand new site. It was at this point that Chief Lucky Nasakhare Igbinedion, an old boy and also the former governor of Edo state came to the rescue in the year 2004. He spearheaded a fund raising exercise towards the rehabilitation of the school, thereby restoring the college to its past glory! A model school.

The History of Edo College is indeed, "A success story".

The specific aims and objectives of the college have always been:

  1. To provide students of the college with the opportunity for Education of a high quality.
  2. To prepare them both for useful living within the society and of higher education elsewhere.
  3. To inculcate in them high moral and spiritual values in inter-personal and human relations.
  4. To promote and develop their emotional, physical and psychological health.
  5. To inculcate national consciousness in them.
  6. To help them to utilize their leisure well through teaching of Nigerian culture, art and language as well as the world's cultural heritage.

Below is a full pictorial description (organogram) of the school's administrative structure.



Our Vision

To make Edo College an academic citadel par excellence, whose graduates are detribalized, who are spiritually, physically, intellectually and socially developed to face the challenges of the modern world.

Mission Statement

To create an academic environment that is challenging and rigorous. It is our hope to challenge our students to stretch themselves beyond the ordinary both in curricular and non-curricular activities. We will set goals that are both high and real. We shall strive to monitor progress in every facet of the students' programme to see that they are working to the best of their abilities.


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